Millions of moves happen every year in the United States, with many of them going on smoothly. However, that’s not always the case, especially with some moving companies lacking in equipment, expertise, and experience to provide quality, seamless services.

Here are some tips to help you choose a quality residential moving company and avoid unprepared and subpar movers.

Moving Inventories

Taking inventories of all your belongings to determine the bulk and weight of your move is one of the first steps from a reputable moving company. Also, the inventory must be in person or through a virtual survey. The estimator should go through your storage spaces, including cupboards, drawers, garage, and bookcases. This helps to draw up an estimate based on the weight of your items and the space they take up in the truck. Be sure you understand the estimate and observe that it’s as accurate as possible.

Ask About Professional Accreditations

Trade associations often vet moving companies before issuing a membership or approved seal. Check if they carry the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMover logo. You can also search for approved companies directly from AMSA’s website. If the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, that’s a great start.

Be Wary of Moving Companies with a Constant Name Switch

Some companies avoid assessments from the Better Business Bureau by doing business under several names. Ensure they have a known local address that can be located without hassle. Also, check if there are any other names the company operates with and their state and federal license numbers. You should also search online if there are complaints about the company.

Get References on Movers

References work a treat, especially if your friends and family have no recommendations. You can reach out to some movers via the American Moving and Storage Association. Ask them to provide three customers from your area who have used their moving services in the past three months. Call the customers to learn about their experiences.

Beware of Extra Fees

During a move, many factors are taken into consideration, including the nature of your home, difficult areas to navigate, and whether you need extra hands. Even the street you’re moving to might not have enough space for a moving van. These factors may lead to additional fees. That’s why you should always ask your mover about any additional fees applicable to your situation.

Moving Insurance and Valuation Protection

Any moving company worth its name and reputation will assume liability for the value of items and properties being moved. Charges will apply according to the kind of protection needed. Most times, you have two options from quality home movers—Full Value Protection or Released Value Protection.

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