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Silver Certified

Moving a Senior or Older Adult can be extremely stressful. Relocating comes with many challenges and these are amplified when managing a move with an older family member who is no longer self-sufficient. Sometimes, even more taxing is moving the Older Adult that is still somewhat independent and capable but needs overview and assistance. They often do not want the help because they want full control of their choices. Yet, unless they are familiar with moving, it is important to navigate an Older Adult through the moving process to ensure they are hiring a legitimate and trustworthy company who can properly address their needs.

NASMM and Silver Certified Senior Relocation Experts

The best way to start off in the right direction is to work with a mover who is SILVER CERTIFIED. A Silver Certified Mover has the knowledge and expertise to handle the special needs of an Older Adult or Senior Move.  A Silver Certified Mover knows that the actual move is just a portion of the process, and the success of the move is reliant on communication, providing advance support, planning and preparation.

SeaCure Moving is SILVER CERTFIED, an expert at moving Older Adults and Seniors. SeaCure has been working with retirement and senior communities since 1981 and offers decades of first -hand experience in performing a Silver or Senior Move. 

SeaCure Moving earned its Silver Certification through exclusive training developed by Bekins Van Lines, in partnership with and endorsed by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. (NASMM) This brings structured training to our local team and Bekins partners across the country, to ensure consistent service to our most treasured customers, Seniors!

NASMM will only recommend partners who carry the SILVER CERTIFIED stamp of approval. They understand the special needs of taking care of Older Adults and the additional steps necessary to manage a Senior Move. SeaCure Moving’s team of Professionals, from the Moving Consultants, Planners, Move Managers & Coordinators, Drivers, Crew, Packers, to the V.P.’s and Owners go through training to qualify as a SILVER CERTFIED mover.

Planning Logistics

As a SILVER CERTFIED mover, SeaCure Moving is prepared to help you navigate the preparation and logistics. For example, it is common for a Senior Move to come with some restrictions because they are often moving into a community or shared residence. This can range from no moving during weekends to having a specific delivery window so as not to disturb others. Some buildings may have a loading area and freight elevator to reserve for moves, while others share common parking and common elevators that we must plan around.

In addition to overseeing the move, SeaCure Moving understands you are also overseeing transporting your loved one, which is another priority to manage. Do they require special medical transport? Experience in coordinating is crucial. Sometimes logistics are based on our other loved ones, our pets. SeaCure has slowed deliveries because a special needs cat or older dog in their life may require a few extra stops along the way. The Move Managers at SeaCure Moving are experts at guiding you through logistics to make sure a manageable plan is in place ahead of time that considers all possible factors. We know you have a lot on your mind. It is our job to think of the circumstances you may not even consider, and help you prepare to overcome all hurdles.


 A Senior Move often involves downsizing or what we call ‘right-sizing’ to their new home, which is commonly smaller. This involves choosing what articles they can bring and what they need to let go. This can be an emotionally draining process and one you want to start in advance. Expect to only do a little at a time.  As you draw closer to the move, frustration levels can rise between the older adult and caregiver who keeps telling them what they do not want to hear. This can be between spouses or parent and child. Our Silver Certified Professional Moving Consultants often serve as an objective party to help validate what is useful and worth paying to ship and what is easily replaced if needed.

SeaCure Moving has a network of third-party providers and Senior Move Managers we partner with to address tasks like downsizing, donating, staging, estate selling, junk removal and advance packing.  We can help you through the full process, and we have the resources to react to changes during the process.

Managing Stress

 Moving stress can be extremely detrimental to Seniors especially those with medical conditions. For example, a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia can have an elevated emotional reaction to the moving process. With the assistance of an aide or family member, SeaCure can assign a crew member to sit with the senior, solely to answer questions about the activity they see, and provide a sense of control and security. We monitor behaviors to minimize stress, such as controlling noise levels and pacing in their environment. With compassion and proper training, SeaCure can get the job done and help minimize the emotional impact of moving on our loved ones.

Yet most days, the key to a successful senior move is just making sure the TV and recliner get set up first!

We Love Our Seniors

SeaCure Moving employs many Seniors! They may not have been seniors when they started, but they’ve earned the title in more ways than one.  They’ve been there and done it personally and professionally and know what you are going through and are with you every mile.

The Silver Certified team members at SeaCure Moving are experts at moving and embody the compassion, respect and patience needed to make a big transition as stress free as possible. Even when coordinating with adult children or power of attorneys, we always prioritize the Senior who is the one making the move. 

Put your seniors in the best capable hands. Let our experienced team of Silver Certified moving experts guide the way!


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