When you are planning a relocation, it’s vital to hire a professional New Jersey local and long-distance mover who can support you throughout this process. A professional mover not only takes care of the heavy lifting, but can also oversee packing, storage, and offers a host of amenities to boot.

Make sure you start by arranging visual surveys with licensed, insured, and registered movers. An honest moving company will usually offer to provide a free virtual survey and a written detailed quote. They will complete this survey via a video call or in-person if you prefer. Companies that offer quotes over the phone without seeing your home for themselves can’t provide an accurate cost estimate which may add extra costs later. Or the mover may not be properly prepared to service your move come moving day.

There are multiple benefits of getting these visual surveys:

  • Get an Inventory List
  • More Accurate Cost Estimates
  • Lays out what Contents the Mover is expected to Pack
  • Identify Fragile, Special and High-Value Items
  • Determine Choices for Valuation Coverage
  • Protect Against Moving Scams

We Create an Inventory List for You

One of the biggest benefits of a visual survey is that you receive an inventory of everything surveyed in your home. This list may not be down to the exact detail, such as two blue shirts, two green socks, one red hat, and so on, but an overall accounting of what you are taking. It will list room by room the furniture plus the estimated cartons for your contents, and who is to pack them.

Inventories are extremely helpful for later reference when you are making changes and need to update your mover. Or keep track of what you decided to take for yourself! Plus, you can always refer to the inventory list if the mover claims they never accounted for a particular item and want to add an extra fee onto their original quote.

Visual Surveys are Helpful for Movers Too!

While you get a free quote out of a moving survey, it’s also helpful for the moving company. For example, your New Jersey long-distance mover usually prices by weight and mileage in addition to packing and any special services. But the bulk of the quote depends on:

  • The Size of Your Household or Household Goods Going
  • How Much Your Belongings Weigh

During a visual survey, the professional moving consultant will be able to see what you own and how ‘dense’ it is, whether a large pull-out sofa or a small rattan settee. The consultant will also take a quick peek into your closets, cabinets, and storage areas to see what hidden items may need to be moved too. This allows movers to address packing needs and calculate a much more accurate or guaranteed quote.

We Also Assess Fragile and Valuable Items

Further, you can use the visual survey to identify which items need specialized moving services. A professional moving consultant has the training to identify what requires extra care. For instance, you may have overlooked the fragility of that antique glass cabinet you inherited from your Great Aunt. The moving consultant will see it with fresh eyes and recommend fragile packing, or even custom crating to provide extra protection during transport.

A professional New Jersey move consultant can also help you with insurance or valuation choices since you may not have an active policy or a policy that provides coverage on goods while in transit or in storage. Most moves are covered with a standard valuation that pays out by the weight of the shipment. A professional mover will offer and explain Full Replacement options above and beyond the Basic coverage, and will factor in any high-value articles,

Learn More About Getting a Visual Survey in New Jersey or Philadelphia area from SeaCure Moving

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