When you are moving to a new home in another city or across the country, it can be hard to ship everything you own. That’s why many people downsize their belongings instead of having a long-distance moving company relocate it all.

There are many ways you can get rid of unwanted belongings during the nationwide moving process. For instance, you can throw out damaged items, recycle some items, and also donate household goods. If you are considering the latter, then it’s important to know what you can donate and where to donate items too.

What is an Acceptable Condition for a Donation to Be In?

Nobody expects donated goods to be perfect, but charity organizations generally can’t use or sell items that are heavily damaged, worn out, or non-functional. Look your items over before donating them with a critical eye. If you wouldn’t buy them from a thrift store, you shouldn’t donate them to one either.

The ideal condition that most thrift stores and non-profits list is ‘gently used’ or ‘good condition.’ This can mean that items:

  • Are removed from their original packaging
  • Have faded from regular washing or sun exposure
  • Have a few nicks and scratches
  • Have no stains, holes, or tears

What About Donating Vehicles?

You can easily find non-profit organizations that will accept your donated vehicles. You can drop it off at the local offices for your preferred organization. Or the non-profit may offer pick-up of the vehicle in question. Some residential movers in New Jersey also provide drop-off services.

Charities will accept running vehicles and non-running vehicles in almost any condition. Even donating a junker allows the organization to pull out any usable parts for resale and to scrap the remainder for a small amount of cash.

Places Where You Can Donate Goods

You can find several charities in the local area that will accept your household goods. Here are a few places that your cross-country movers can drop items off at:

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores – Operates ReStores that sells home building materials and construction supplies, household goods, and furniture, for funds to renovate and build homes for low-income applicants.
  • Goodwill – Operates thrift stores to raise funds for their job training and placement programs, and other community programs. Accepts household goods and vehicles.
  • Furniture Bank Network – Connects people to local furniture banks across the nation. Local banks accept everything from furniture to household goods.

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