Have you retired recently and are ready for that place in Florida? Are you considering a downsize to a condominium that’s closer to the kids? No matter your reasons for making a long-distance move, this kind of transition can involve major life changes for seniors. You’ll be leaving a home you’ve been in for years and also letting go of a lot of belongings. To ease the transition, find local New Jersey long-distance movers who are experienced in this kind of relocation.

At SeaCure Moving, we understand how hard it is to find movers who meet all of your needs. So, here are several tips to help you with the search:

Choose a Moving Company that Shares Your Communication Preferences

Things happen during a move, such as appointments changing dates or a truck breaking down. You’ll need a mover who can keep in touch with you using your preferred method of communication. 

There are many ways that movers communicate with clients including:

  • Phone
  • Video Call
  • Email
  • Text

If you still prefer a plain old phone call instead of the newer methods of communicating, make sure to let your mover know. If they can’t guarantee that you’ll only by contacted by phone, you might want to keep looking for another moving company.

Give Yourself Ample Time for the Process of Downsizing

It's hard to let go of an entire lifetime’s worth of belongings, especially in a matter of weeks. The right movers can give you the time needed to downsize and also help with the process. Many moving companies will pair you with move consultants who can keep your relocation organized and on schedule. They should also be able to space out appointments, so you have plenty of to time to make your decisions. 

Some moving companies also offer donation drop-off services, so you can give those excess items to a local charity of your choosing.

Consider Using Full-Service Packing & Unpacking Options

It's also hard to get an entire houseful of belongings packed up and moved! Consider using the professional packing and unpacking services offered by your moving company. These trained experts know how to securely pack your furniture, electronics, and fragile items so that they survive transit.

It’s also helpful to use this service if you are helping an out-of-state relative with their long-distance move. Experienced movers should be able to coordinate everything with you, so that your senior family member manages the relocation with less stress and effort.

Find a Mover that can Relocate Medical Equipment

Sometimes, people need to move medical equipment during a household relocation, which can include everything from hospital beds to a scooter. When meeting with moving companies, ask if they have the resources to move medical equipment. 

You’ll want the items in question to be properly protected during transit, so they work on arrival. Ask your potential mover about their packing and shipping process. Also, consider asking about additional valuation coverage for these pricier items.

Get Help Coordinating Transportation of Persons & Pets

The long-distance mover you pick should also be willing to work with you to keep pets and people calm. Movers can’t arrange transportation for them, but your mover can coordinate packing and moving appointments for you. They can also answer any questions asked by concerned seniors and be aware of a pet that may accompany them. 

If a senior is in need of support through the move, it is a good idea to be present with them on packing and moving days. It’s also important to keep pets on their leads at all times. 

Learn More About Using SeaCure Moving for Your Long-Distance Relocation

Your long-distance move doesn’t have to be a stressful experience with SeaCure Moving on the job. We help seniors with a wide variety of needs including:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Custom-Crating Services
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Piano Shipping
  • Short- and Long-Term Storage
  • Item Donation

As Bekins Van Lines agents, our New Jersey long-distance movers are also fully trained and equipped with top-notch vehicles and tools. We’re capable of handling any moving challenges to give you a smooth relocation. 

To learn more about our moving services, give SeaCure Moving a call. Or you can fill out our online form to request a complimentary cost estimate on any long-distance move.