International New Jersey Movers

Moving across borders or oceans can be stressful, but with the right amount of planning and organization, even the most complex international move can be manageable. The international moving experts at SeaCure Moving, Inc. have been helping individuals, families and employees move overseas since 1981. We have seen what works for families of four and corporate branches alike, and have several ideas about where to begin for a successful transition to a new country. Five things to consider before calling your movers include:

Exchange Rates

First of all – will you be able to afford living in your intended country? The value of the US dollar will rise or fall depending on where you choose to live. Sites like CNN Money and have currency converters that will give you a basic idea about the affordability of different countries.


Check with your destination country’s consulate office to make sure you have all necessary documents, including passports, birth certificates, visas and any other identification that may be required for moving.


Moving overseas is expensive, but you can cut costs by cutting down on unnecessary items. Hold a garage sale or donate the extra clothes, books, appliances and electronics you won’t need.

Local Information

Find all of the information you can on the regulations and local schools, stores, services, parks and other notable places in your new country. Your international movers can also help you find information.

Temporary Accommodations

If your home will not be ready immediately, arrange for temporary accommodations in a rental property or hotel.

Are you ready to begin planning your move? The professionals at SeaCure Moving can make the entire process simpler and less stressful, no matter the distance. Contact us today!