Below you’ll find 10 great moving tips that we at SeaCure Moving recommend you add to your moving checklist. Whether you’re moving locally, to another state or internationally, these moving tips will make the transition easier and more manageable than you thought possible. Take a look at our top 10 tips below:

1. Pack Your Immediate Items In A Clear Plastic Bin:

Immediate items might include tooth brushes, comfortable clothes, bed sheets, sealed snacks – anything that you might want before the real unpacking begins.

2. Clothing > Bubble Wrap:

Kill two birds with one stone by wrapping your fragile items – dishes, glassware, picture frames, etc. – in clothing instead of bubble wrap. This will save you energy and money, not to mention clean up time.

3. Saran Wrap Toiletry Tops - Then Screw The Top On:

Moving cologne, shampoo, nail polish remover and just about any other liquid toiletry is risky: one bump and everything in your “Master Bathroom” box can smell like Chanel #5 for way longer than you’d like. Saran wrap, however, will eliminate this worry. Just cover the lids of your toiletries with it and screw the tops back on for a safe and secure seal that won’t leak. 

4. Plates Packed Vertically Break Less Often:

There’s a reason why records aren’t stacked horizontally, you know...always stack plates vertically.

5. Sandwich Bags Are A Screws Best Friend:

Although it may seem insignificant, a lost nut or screw can make it impossible to put a disassembled piece of furniture together again. A sandwich bag can fix all that...

6. Take A Picture Of Your Electronic Cord Set (If Neat):

Before you unplug all of the wires in the back of your entertainment getup, do yourself a favor: take out your phone and take a picture. This will make an uber-convenient reference when the time comes to plug everything up again.

7. Out-Of-Season Clothing Should Be Vacuum Sealed:

What are you going to do with your puffy coats and Christmas sweaters in July? A vacuum sealer and a couple of bags will help you compact your winter clothing, which saves space and offers protection from mites and moths. 

8. Hire A Sitter For Your Kids & Pets:  

Your move will be safer and more efficient if dogs, cats and children weren't around to get in the way. Ask a neighbor to take care of them, leave them with grandma or move while they’re in school – this will make everything go smoother and the movers will thank you.

9. Change Your Address In Advance: 

Update your address with the post office at least two weeks before moving day. 

10. Hiring Professional Movers As Opposed To Asking Your Friends:

Pros know how to safely and efficiently move delicate stuff that your friends might just drop, like your flat screen. At SeaCure Moving, we have more than 80 years of experience working for us. Not to mention the resources and support we receive from Bekins Van Lines, one of the largest and most respected transportation companies in the industry!

Call SeaCure today for a free consultation and no-obligation moving estimate. We’ll make the process easier than you ever imagined possible. That’s our promise. That’s our guarantee.