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Winter Moving Tips

Winter weather conditions can present unique challenges, and your cooperation is essential to navigate inclement weather obstacles. Ice and snow can pose serious hazards to movers and those we share the roads with.

When carrying, a mover usually has their hands full and is balancing a good deal of weight when walking, so it is difficult to recover if they start to slip or trip.  Hazardous conditions can also result in damage to goods and property.

Our goal at SeaCure Moving & Storage is to provide unsurpassed quality for your move that includes meeting delivery time frames while prioritizing the safety of its crew members, the roadways, and shippers.

Safety Preparation for Winter Moving:

  • It is the Shipper's responsibility to clear any essential snow or ice-covered paths leading to the residence before the scheduled delivery, including driveway, walkways, and entry points including outer steps to provide safe access.
  • The paths must be wide enough for a hand truck to pass through comfortably from the delivery vehicle to the residence.
  • If you are unable to clear walkways personally, please arrange for clearance to avoid any delays in the delivery process.
  • If in an apartment building, condo, or townhome, inquire with management on the timeline of plowing and snow removal and communicate that to our Planner.
  • Crews do bring tools to help remove any snow that accumulates in the process but taking the time to shovel paths to begin work can cause delays and result in additional labor charges or rescheduling.
  • Crews may need extra time to clear vehicles in advance of travel, which may cause delays.
  • Keep pets off site or in a warm restricted area so they are not under foot or in danger.
  • Be flexible with plans when moving in the winter.  Speak with our Planner in advance about a contingency plan and weather concerns to avoid a bad weather scenario altogether.

Comfort & Safety Tips for Winter Moving:

  • Keep at least one room in your home heated with the door closed to trap heat for comfort during the move.  This designated room can serve as a warm-up space for both the crew and you.
  • Take frequent breaks. Stored energy is used faster working in the cold.
  • Wear layers, insulated gloves, thick socks and cover your head. Stay dry.
  • Our crews often use hand and feet warmers, grab a few for you!
  • Since coffee pots and microwaves are packed away, a box of coffee is a good warm pick me up during a cold moving day. Dehydration occurs faster in cold weather conditions.
  • Keep older adults who are at fall risk or adverse to cold off site if possible.
  • If travelling, keep a cold weather safety kit in your car.  If a vehicle breaks down or cannot start, it cannot keep you warm. Include emergency blankets, candles, and matches. A candle burning in a vehicle could provide enough warmth to ward off hypothermia for a period of time.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to a safer and more efficient moving experience during the winter months. SeaCure Moving appreciates your cooperation and understanding in ensuring the well-being of our crew members and the timely delivery of your belongings.

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If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact our Planner or your SeaCure Moving Consultant.


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