winter moving tips

Moving in the winter can be challenging but also rewarding. Whether winter moving is right for you depends on your unique situation, and you can make this choice easier by weighing the pros and cons. Below are some of the benefits and downsides of wintertime moving for you to consider.

Benefits of Moving in the Winter

Are there benefits to residential moving in the winter? The easy answer is, yes. Here are a few reasons why wintertime moving might be a good choice for you:

  • Possibility of Lower Rates: Most moves are conducted in the spring and summer months, so some moving companies offer lower rates in the winter to attract more customers.
  • Quality Mover Availability: Another benefit to off-season moving is easy scheduling. You’re more likely to find the moving company of your choice because they are less likely to be booked. Moving scammers are also far less active in the winter months.
  • Housing Market Benefits: You might find a great deal when buying a house in the winter since the housing rates typically drop this time of year.
  • Heat-Related Risk Abatement: Moving in the heat of summer can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. Moving when it’s cold is preferable for many people.

Downsides of Moving in the Winter

Although there can be great benefit to moving in the winter, there are reasons why most moves are conducted in the spring and summer. Here are some downsides to winter moving that you might keep in mind:

  • Winter Weather Delays: Weather can be unpredictable any time of the year, but you’re less likely to have severe delays from rain than you are from heavy snow and ice storms.
  • Holiday Season Traffic: Moving during the holiday season can be difficult for several reasons. The traffic can be unbearable, and you could miss out on spending quality time with loved ones and family.
  • Moving During the School Year: If you want to avoid moving during the holidays, then you will have to move during the school year. Missing days and transitioning schools in the middle of the year can have its challenges.
  • Cold Weather Discomfort: Depending on where you are, moving in the winter can be downright dreadful when it comes to loading a moving truck or van in the cold—but that’s where hiring professional movers is a great benefit!

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