Do you have a move coming up? Unless you can still fit all your possessions in the back of your friend’s pickup truck, you are likely wondering just how much your New Jersey move is going to cost you. With so many factors to consider, pricing for professional moving services can be difficult to understand. So let the SeaCure Moving & Storage experts explain exactly how we calculate your quote.

Pricing for Local Moves

So how does your moving company determine what to charge? Moving companies do have a flat hourly rate. However, this hourly rate is combined with other figures when your estimate is calculated. Local moves are typically priced based on the size of the crew needed plus the number of hours they anticipate your move to take. It will also include fuel expenses and any additional services you request.

Pricing for Long-Distance Moves

Interstate (or long-distance) moves do not use the same hourly rate calculations. Instead, your moving company will likely set the price based on the weight of the items you are moving. A computerized inventory is used to estimate the total weight of all the items in your household. This estimated weight plus the carrier’s tariff rate determines the final cost.

Getting an Estimate

Whether you are moving across town or the country, moving expenses can quickly add up. So, of course, with any move, proper budgeting is essential. While most moving companies can easily offer you a free quote, getting any cost estimates in a written and binding agreement is best.

When you accept a non-binding estimate, you expose yourself to many unexpected, additional charges. Moving companies are typically allowed to pass on any costs associated with unexpected issues that could easily arise during your move. A binding cost estimate protects you from these extra expenses.

Many moving professionals insist on meeting for an in-home estimate. This type of consultation is standard in the moving industry since it allows the moving company to inspect your household contents in person. Not only will it give the moving specialist an idea of the size of your move, but it also allows them to determine if there are any special circumstances to consider or if extra equipment might be necessary.

Pricing for Extra Services

Moving companies can make your move incredibly easy. For example, if you take advantage of SeaCure Moving’s packing service, you will likely expect to pay an additional fee. Other services, such as storage, will probably also have an extra cost. Even disposable supplies (like tape or boxes) may also be available for an additional price.

When you’re getting an estimate from any New Jersey long-distance movers, make sure they explain exactly what the quoted price will (and will not) cover.

New Jersey’s Most Experienced Movers

Moving is difficult enough. You don’t deserve any pricing surprises at the end of a long hard day. That’s why SeaCure is committed to providing each of our customers an easy-to-understand estimate with no budgeting surprises.

Our dedication to our customers is why we have been New Jersey’s first choice for full-service local and long-distance moving and storage since 1981. As an agent of Belkins Van Lines, we hold our team to the highest standards for customer service, which has helped us earn an A+ rating with the BBB.

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