Long-distance movers with SeaCure Moving have years and years of experience when it comes to successfully transporting large, fragile items. We understand that people want their most valuable belongings to make it to their new home safely, but just how is this done? Why is it important to hire a professional moving company when you have large collectibles, fine art, and more? Our New Jersey long-distance movers, which are part of a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating, are happy to answer these questions and more.

What Large, Fragile Items Might Need Specialized Care?

It may seem intimidating to trek across the country with large, fragile items that could break if the moving truck hits a particularly rough speedbump. To prevent this from happening, professional movers, like our team at SeaCure, take extra precautions to ensure valuables are properly packed and won’t be jostled in the truck.

What kind of large and breakable items are we talking about? There are tons, of course, but some examples are:

  • Large Televisions
  • Beautiful Sculptures and Statues
  • Big Fine Art Pieces
  • Huge, Delicate Mirrors
  • And Much More

Why Long-Distance Movers Use Moving Pads

One way long-distance movers protect your assets during a move is to use moving pads. Moving pads, or moving blankets, are securely wrapped around your belongings to give them extra cushioning. This also prevents items from knocking against each other, which could be fatal for a delicate piece of art such as a statue. Moving pads ensure every tiny speedbump is softened tremendously.

Custom Wooden Crating and Custom Boxes Might be What You Need

Another way professional movers can keep your fragile items from being jostled around during a move is to use custom wooden crating. Valuable collectibles, like instruments and pieces of art, can be measured so that a customized wooden box will be created that fits the item’s dimensions.

By getting a precisely measured box, moving companies like SeaCure can minimize an item’s movement during transportation. For large TVs, we do the same thing but use custom boxes, instead.

You Can Take Precautions to Protect Your Investments

All professional moving companies must offer you basic valuation coverage, but that doesn’t protect your assets by monetary value (only by an item’s weight.) If the big and delicate items you’re moving cost a lot of money, we recommend asking your moving provider about full valuation coverage.

Full valuation coverage will protect your items by their actual value. Also, you can look into separate insurance programs for your belongings.

Store Your Belongings in Secure Warehouse Facilities

Reputable moving companies like SeaCure can offer you storage space for your valuable, fragile items in secure warehouse facilities. Like our facilities, these warehouses should be carefully monitored and climate-controlled with on-time pickup and delivery.

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