While the children's rhyme may not go quite like this, the concept is still the same. There are decisions to make, but when it comes to creating space in your home, they aren't all easy or cut and dry. As your leading New Jersey moving and storage company, let SeaCure Moving be your storage solutions for your household's residential storage needs. To help you sort through your belongings and streamline your move, we've put together a list of common items to help you decide what to store and what to toss.

Furniture – Furniture items often take up a lot of space but it's hard to justify throwing them away when they have so much functionality. Store your furniture with us for when you need replacement items or until you decide what to do with it. If your furniture is in good condition and you're ready to part with it—try a garage sale or donate to a local charity.

DVDs and CDs – Digital downloads and streaming is more and more becoming the future of film at home. Ditch the DVDs and CDs as they take up unnecessary space and how very low resale value. Donate these items to your local library or charity.

Fine art and antiques – If you have fine art and antiques that you no longer need or want in your home, you can have peace of mind that our storage facilities in New Jersey have the state-of-the-art capabilities to keep your high-value items safe and sound. If you are ready to give them up, donate them to a museum if they are especially priceless or sell them to a collector.

Seasonal items – If you're decorating your home for every major holiday or event, the decorations tend to pile up. To avoid a garage or basement that's stuffed with seasonal boxes you only take out for a few months at a time, consider storing them out of the way at one of our local warehouses.

Learn more about the flexible and cost-effective storage solutions that is offered by the professionals at SeaCure Moving. Call us to get in touch with a storage specialist to get started! You can also fill out our online form to request your free storage estimate.