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James J.

Moving can be a very stressful time with many balls in the air at once. When actual moving day arrives, I find myself at the mercy of the team and I can say I was very happy with the entire experience. Lead by Rob,, the team arrived on time and ready to work. What impressed me most was the teamwork that was exhibited by the entire crew. Everyone got to work in a professional manner being courteous, not only to myself and my wife, but also between themselves. I never once heard any grumbling or complaining. It was a definite, can’t do attitude. I have some special requests that were met with my pleasure type of response. The following day, the same experience for arrival and loading to our property in Long Island. Walter, Josh, Desaun and Joseph, all made our experience a positive one, and I’d like to thank them all for their service. Thank you!!

SeaCure Moving

Thank you for the call Mr. Johnson, and taking the time to mention each crew member. We are pleased you recognized the 'top notch' level of service our team members strive to meet. We appreciate it. We wish you many happy days in East Hampton !

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