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Non-CDL Drivers are a vital part of our operation as we use various size trucks to service customers and perform work. A Class D Non-CDL Driver is someone who has a standard driver's license and can operate a box truck or straight truck that is 26,000lbs or under. 

Overall responsibilities include driving (which is essential to this job role), monitoring equipment, leading a moving crew, managing the move by being the main point of contact on site with the customer, directing and working with the crew to pack, load and deliver, and communicating with dispatch and operations.  

In the household goods industry, a non-CDL Driver is a working position. There are other tasks to perform in addition to driving. 

Usual working days are Monday through Friday dispatched at 8:00am unless otherwise requested. Saturday crews are assembled when there is a Driver and crew to work, but not usually mandatory. On occasion, a non-CDL Driver may be asked to take a shipment interstate within the region. This may be a day trip to PA or DE. And on occasion we may ask a non-CDL Driver to run a shipment overnight - such as VT or VA. A non-CDL Driver will not be asked to do long haul Driving. You will be home each night 98% of the time. A part time non-CDL Driver would be required to let dispatch know what days they are available at least three weeks in advance for proper planning. 

SeaCure Moving is a third-generation family owned and operated company. Owners do work in the business and do not ask anyone to do anything that have not done or do not do. We are always willing to train and willing to learn. And we like to have fun doing what we love and make a stressful time a little easier for our Customers.

Every SeaCure Moving employee is an ambassador of our core values and is devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction. If you're interested in being a Driver with SeaCure Moving, please submit your application here!


  • Drive a truck 26000lbs and under. This is an essential job function.
  • Perform a pre-trip and post-trip inspection of your assigned vehicle.
  • Fuel up your own vehicle.
  • Keep assigned vehicles cleaned.
  • Maintain inventory control of tools and equipment stored in your assigned vehicle.
  • Plan a safe route to and from jobs.
  • Make sure all the proper material and moving equipment is loaded on your assigned vehicle needed to perform your job before departing.
  • Handle the job's paperwork which includes but is not limited to:
  • Reading and understanding what is required for the
  • job.
  • Understanding the documents to explain them to the
  • shipper/customer and capture any signatures on the
  • required areas.
  • Create a thorough household goods descriptive
  • inventory.
  • Documenting services performed on each job for the
  • rating clerk.
  • Supervise and/or participate in the packing, loading, and unloading of all items which could include but is not limited to work performed in a customer's home, commercial location, in your assigned vehicle, or in a warehouse.
  • This includes making sure each residence is properly
  • protected.
  • Knowing, performing, and supervising proper packing
  • techniques are being executed on site.
  • Knowing, performing, and supervising proper furniture
  • protection practices are being executed.
  • Knowing, performing, and supervising that
  • disassembly and proper reassembly is completed and
  • reassembled pieces are secure and safe.
  • Creating and/or checking inventory to ensure all items
  • loaded and/or delivered.
  • Holding the team to a higher technique and standard to
  • reduce claims.
  • On direct local moves, tally services to be collected on site.
  • Collect COD funds from the customer. Assume all moves are COD and make sure the charges are collected prior to final delivery.
  • Make sure any debris is cleaned from your assigned vehicle, and all equipment is organized and reset for the next day.
  • When needed remotely, plan and/or hire a suitable amount of labor to perform moving services.
  • Keep records of road expenses and/or petty cash receipts for expenses.
  • Report any employee issues, damages, customer concerns, or any other factors that impact the customer or employee experience.
  • Understand and enforce all company policies and safety protocols.

Education Requirements

  • No institutional educational requirements.
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak enough English for documentation and communication with customers.

Experience Requirements

  • Each applicant's driving history is reviewed to assign them to a proper vehicle.
  • An applicant hired with a clean license, but no truck driving experience will be trained as crew and start with a box truck.
  • Someone with box truck experience will be tested in a box truck, then be trained and for a straight truck under 26,000lbs.
  • Truck driving experience is a plus.
  • Moving experience is a plus.
  • Customer Service and Team Lead Experience.

Desired Skills

  • Able to drive safely.
  • Positive leadership style. Team management.
  • Able to lead by example, motivate.
  • Integrity, honesty, attention to detail.
  • Team player with positive attitude.
  • Positive and clear communicator.
  • Pride in yourself, your equipment, and job.
  • Can change direction and focus without agitation.
  • Show empathy and care for Customers.
  • Ability to de-escalate stressful situations or emotions.
  • Willingness to be helpful and lead team through challenges.
  • Looks for more efficient methods, strives for continued improvement.
  • Awareness of areas of exposure, safety conscious, looks to reduce risk.


  • Must have a valid driver's license to operate your assigned truck.
  • Must pass a Federal USDOT FMCSA Driver Medical Examination.
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug test and follow any current drug policy.
  • Must have and maintain a clear background.
  • Maintain an acceptable driving record to the standards of the insurance company and/or the Van Lines we are currently operating under.
  • Must have a reliable means of getting to work on time by 8:00am Monday through Friday.
  • Must be physically fit to help move furniture and boxes.
  • Must not have any physical restrictions including bending, lifting, standing.
  • It is essential to be able to carry at least 50lbs or more.


  • 401 Eligible with Company Match after probationary period completed.
  • Medical benefit options available through group plan with minimum 10% company covered. Employee review by health insurance professional available for subsidy qualifications.
  • PTO/Sick time
  • Payroll is processed weekly by direct deposit.
  • Over the road work (across state lines) compensation is calculated by mileage by hundred weight and per diem. We apply what is in your favor.


  • Role is yearly bonus and tip eligible.
  • Employee of the month eligible.
  • Yearly reviews with annual increases.
  • Reward incentives for positive customer reviews.
  • Opportunity to advance as a Class B or Class A Driver.



Salary (in USD)

$22 Per Hour

Apply for Driver Non CDL
  • Call 609-296-8220 to set an interview in person or virtual. Email jobs@seacuremove.com with inquires, applications and/or resumes. Download Application and send or drop in person at 98 Gifford Rd. Little Egg Harbor NJ 08087
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  • Contact Hiring Manager

    Tara Dixon / Ron McQuaid
    (609) 296-8220
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