Your boxes are all packed and you’re ready to start an adventure in a new location. Before you start moving those heavy items yourself, though, there are a couple of things you’ll need to consider to keep you and those around you safe. Failing to take the right precautionary steps before embarking on your move could lead to serious injury.

Preparation is Key 

First, you’ll need to ensure you have a good night’s sleep before moving day. Being well-rested is essential for alertness and coordination, helping prevent a slip or miscalculation with the weight of a box. Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water can keep you in top shape.

On the day of our big move, consider doing a few preliminary stretches to warm up your muscles. Plan your moving “outfit” with care. Wearing loose clothing that’s neither too tight nor too baggy can help you safely move items without fear of tripping over long pieces of fabric.

Create a clear path to move items through your current home, ensuring there are no sharp corners or cords in the way. If any boxes are exceptionally heavy, you’ll need to separate the contents to reduce the box’s weight. Boxes that are overfilled can result in an injury like a pulled muscle.

Utilize the Correct Lifting Techniques 

Don’t forget the quintessential rule of lifting with your knees, not your back. This means you’ll need to significantly bend your knees to prevent straining your back and possibly creating a permanent injury.

One of the best ways to prevent injuries during moving day is to leave the lifting to the professionals. At SeaCure Moving, our New Jersey long-distance movers can save you from twisted ankles and scrapes. We offer:

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Our residential movers in New Jersey can make your relocation as simple and safe as possible. Get in touch today by phone or via our online form to request your free estimate!