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Not many homeowners know that moving companies are often booked to capacity during the summer. Families prefer to move during the summer for a variety of reasons, such as warmer temperatures and increased leisure time. 

It’s important to plan for your move well in advance if you want to secure qualified New Jersey long-distance movers for your relocation. Between packaging sensitive items, finding storage, and scheduling drop-offs—there’s a lot that goes into a move!

How do you know where to start? 

We’ve put together a list of steps you should take to make sure your New Jersey long-distance move goes smoothly. 

Choose a Qualified Moving Company 

Before deciding on a moving team, you want to make sure you do your research. It’s important to check for positive customer reviews and awards, but don’t forget to also check for van line association.

A moving company associated with a major van line—such as Bekins Van Lines—is better prepared to meet licensing requirements for your household move. Not all moving companies are licensed to transport household items across state lines. Make sure your moving provider is before you put your move in their hands. 

Schedule Your Move for Efficiency 

If possible, time your move in a way that allows for you to take your items directly to your final destination. If for whatever reason you can't, check in with your moving provider about warehouse storage options. Ask about short and long-term storage solutions and choose the one that is best suited for your relocation.

Protect Your Valuables

Uprooting your life from one place to move to another requires packing and moving several personal items. Make sure your most valued items are properly protected by asking your moving provider about the kind of coverage they have available for their customers.

Moving companies are obliged to provide something called “released value protection,” which is basic valuation coverage for household items based on their weight. This does not cover an item’s replacement value, so make sure you’re looking for a moving company that offers full-value protection if you’re moving any expensive items such as fine art or antiques. 

Clean Out Your Closet

Moving is also a great time to consider what can stay and what needs to go. Are you stressed out about how many items you need to pack? Consider donating or selling some of your belongings before making your move across the country. Let go of unwanted clothing and old furniture to start fresh in a new place. You should also think about self-transporting smaller, more valuable items such as fine jewelry to make sure you can keep a close eye on them during your move. 

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