Moving into your dream home is exciting, but it is also overwhelming. You are faced with the task of inventorying, packing and transporting your entire life, and it’s easy to become distracted and forgetful. Choosing SeaCure Moving as your full-service New Jersey moving and storage company ensures that you will have professional guidance throughout your move, but if you find you need extra help, then you can always turn to technology.

●  Move Advisor - Think of Move Advisor as your personal assistant during the moving process. Move Advisor features a detailed moving timeline with weekly to-do lists that keep you on task. You can also take a home inventory with Move Advisor, which can come in quite handy when moving.

●  Sortly - Sortly has been dubbed as the ultimate app for organization, which is something you definitely need while moving. Not only can you keep an inventory of your possessions, you can also create custom labels or QR labels to make moving more efficient.

●  MyMove - MyMove is an informative moving application that offers articles detailing everything you need to know about the moving process. This app features customizable weekly checklists so that you know exactly what you need to be doing and when to do it.

●  Moving Day - Moving Day comes with built-in barcode scanning and label-making capabilities. Essentially, this app lets you create and attach labels to your boxes, and when unpacking you can scan a label and see a complete list of that box’s contents.

●  Suddath Moving Guru - One of the most helpful features of Suddath Moving Guru is the glossary contained in the app. Understanding the important terms while moving gives you a better understanding of the process in general. You can also check out the moving checklists or helpful video tips about how to properly pack your belongings.

SeaCure Moving employs New Jersey household movers with over 30 years of professional experience. We are a fully licensed and insured New Jersey moving and storage company that focuses on building strong customer relationships. When you need reliable, safe and efficient movers, look no further than SeaCure Moving. To learn more about how our comprehensive moving services can help you, give one of our friendly representatives a call or fill out our online form for your free moving estimate today!